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2023 Program for General Meetings

Jan 10

AGMAnnual General Meeting 

Including election of officers, as well as presentation of service and flower show awards, this meeting is a great opportunity to discover the breadth and depth of our all-volunteer organization.

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Feb 7

Wolfe BonhamCreating Spaces that Resonate

Wolfegang Bonham

Have you ever noticed that some garden spaces just feel right, even if they aren't the nicest looking gardens? While others that are immaculate, well designed, and downright spectacular... 

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Mar 7

Jonas SpringAn Exploration of Hardscape Plants

Jonas Spring      

Following an extensive review of plants that grow on cliffs and alvars around southern Ontario, Jonas Spring has identified a palette of commercially available, hardy, local and beautiful plants that...

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Apr 4

Sean James

Growing Gracefully: The Evolution of a Garden 

Sean James

As many a gardener can visually attest to from photos – gardens evolve, year after year. Some plants over-thrive, while others perish. As trees mature, once-sunny spaces become better-suited to shade...

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May 2

Helen BattersbyDesigning with Edible Plants

Helen Battersby      

Award-winning blogger Helen Battersby encourages us to turn notions of what “ornamental” means upside-down and meet unusual plants that are also safe to eat. This colourful...

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Jun 6

BlissfulIrises: Four Months of Blooms...and Beyond

Kate Brewitt and Terry Laurin      

Irises have come a long way since 'the purple one' we may recall decades ago from grandmother's garden. Iris enthusiasts Kate Brewitt and Terry Laurin will expand our awareness of the many...

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Jul 4

Harold Hunter

Garden Photography

Harold Hunter

Photography can enhance the gardening experience through the capturing of images to document the creation, maintenance and evolution of a garden, including the beauty of individual specimens... 

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Aug 1

Dianne and Gary WestlakeThrifty Gardening

Dianne and Gary Westlake

Through photos and storytelling, Master Gardeners Dianne and Gary Westlake hope to inspire tonight’s attendees by sharing some of the ways they have saved money... 

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Sep 5

Khrysta LynGreening the City of Richmond Hill: Programs and their Impact on the Environment

Khrysta Lyn      

Each year, the Urban Forestry, Natural Environment and Horticulture team continues to complete many "green" initiatives within the City of Richmond Hill. This presentation will review many of...

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Oct 3

Myles O'BrienDiana ShermetThe Role of Urban Forests in Building a More Resilient Richmond Hill     

Myles O'Brien and Diana Shermet

The importance of Richmond Hill’s trees and forests continues to grow as the city urbanizes and the impacts of climate change intensify. From clean air and... 

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Nov 7

TBD - please check back.      

Dec 5

Holiday Celebration

Please check back for more information.


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